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kaitlin chappell rogers

Hi! As you may have guessed from the website address, my name is Kaitlin Chappell Rogers. I live in Huntsville, AL and I love love, Jesus, people, food, and shopping all way too much. I talk loud and laugh even louder and have at least 100 different quirks. I never meet a stranger and I got in trouble for inviting too many people to my wedding. Words are my love language and God has so graciously let me use them to write and speak and spread His love everywhere I go. I live in the Rocket City – Huntsville, Alabama – and I attend Church of the Highlands. I put the E in ENFJ and I’m often described as entertaining, extra, and essential by my friends and family and the thought of those people makes me weep with tears of joy – more often than it probably should. I’m also and Enneagram 3 with a 2 wing. Brunch, brinner, and books are a few of my favorite things and I am slowly but surely becoming a yogi. I’m learning to let go of perfectionism on the mat and in life.

I was a writer before I ever knew it was a label as I sat and wrote stories at 8-years-old, holding contest to pick the best illustrations for my friends on playdates. (How did I have friends??!!) I have always felt burdened by being a “Jane of All Trades, Master of None,” but now, I consider it a gift. I hope you are learning to do the same for yourself – turning burdens into blessings.

I pray my words speak life to you and point you to Jesus! I hope that reading what I write feels just like sitting down with a good friend for a chat over an exceptional cup of coffee.  You can follow me along this God-guided road full of pit-stops and scenic photo-ops on social media that’s linked here on my site.

Don’t be afraid to say hello – remember, I never meet a stranger. So, let’s be friends and go get brunch!